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Jesse White
Secretary of State and State Librarian

Jean E. Wilkins
Director, Illinois State Library

Kathleen L. Bloomberg

Kristie Metrow
Assistant Editor

Editorial Policy

ILLINOIS LIBRARIES is the official journal of the Illinois State Library. The purpose of ILLINOIS LIBRARIES is to disseminate articles of general interest to library staff and library governing officials in Illinois who represent all types of libraries and library consortia. Every effort is made to provide a balanced treatment of library-related issues.

Articles are solicited that will address the interests of the publication's audience. Individuals are also encouraged to submit unsolicited articles for consideration. Articles are not limited to Illinois contributors, and guidelines for manuscript submission are available upon request. ILLINOIS LIBRARIES will not compensate authors for submitted or requested articles. The editor and/or the director of the Illinois State Library has the right to reject and/or edit articles before printing. Edited manuscripts and/or galley-proofs cannot be sent to individuals for approval.

Published articles do not necessarily repreent the views of the Illinois State Libraryandthe Office of the Secretary of State.

Articles from ILLINOIS LIBRARIES may not be reprinted without prior written permission of the Illinois State Library. Reprint of an article should include a credit to ILLINOIS LIBRARIES. For permission, contact Editor, ILLINOIS LIBRARIES, Illinois State Library, 300 South Second Street, Room 502, Springfield, IL 62701-1796. Telephone: (217) 785-0052. Internet;

No advertisements are allowed in ILLINOIS LIBRARIES. Forms and other tear out sheets cannot be placed in ILLINOIS LIBRARIES due to postal regulations. ILLINOIS LIBRARIES is free of charge. Back issues, if available, are also free of charge.

ILLINOIS LIBRARIES (ISSN 0019-2104; OCLC 1752654); publishes four issues yearly. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) Published by the Illinois State Library, Room 502, Springfield, IL 62701-1796, Periodical postage paid at Springfield, IL. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to ILLINOIS LIBRARIES, Illinois State Library, 300 S. Second Street, Springfield, IL 62701 1746.

Spring 1999      Springfield, Illinois         Vol. 81 No. 2

Table of Contents

Library-Based GIS Initiative at the Illinois Institute of Technology
..........................................................Alison Atkins    67

Deconstructing the Carnegie Libraries: The Sociological Reasons Behind Carnegie's Millions to Public Libraries
...........................................................Michael Lorenzen    75

Questions and Answers on Library Law: The Freedom of Information Act, Part 3
....................Scott Uhler, Janet Petsche and Rinda Allison   79

Hiring Students with Disabilities in the Academic Library
............................Marcia A. Dick and Dorothy E. Jones    83

Assistive Technology for a Community College Library
..............................Sangeeta Kumar   88

The Illinois State Library: 1870-1920
..........................Mark Sorensen    94

Benchmarks for the Future
..............Sean O'Hanlon and Ann Phillips   99

Pamphlets in Medical Libraries
........................James Timothy Struck     104

Our Multicultural Neighborhood
..............................Debra Wordinger       109

Jump Start: Outreach to Pre-School Caregivers
............Ann Huntting      113

Guidelines for Illinois Libraries Manuscripts       120


Illinois State Library Advisory Committee 1999


Term Expires

Lydia Acosta
Fountaindale Public Library District, Bolingbrook


Ann P. Bishop
Graduate Library School, University of Illinois, Urbana


Doris Brown
DePaul University, Chicago


Vandella Brown
East St. Louis Public Library


Vickie Cook
Kaskaskia Community College, Centralia


Mary Dempsey
The Chicago Public Library


Eileen Dubin


David Dyer


Dale Hoover


Jan Ison
Lincoln Trail Libraries System, Champaign


Mary Barb Johnson
Lake Forest


Deborah Johnson-Small
Illinois Department of Human Services, Springfield


Mary Kay Kickels
Palos Hills


Susan Lucco
Lewis & Clark Library System, Edwardsville


Robert Plotzke
Rolling Prairie Library System, Decatur


Fayne Tharp
East St. Louis School District 189

Robert Wedgeworth
University of Illinois, Urbana
Mary Wyly
Newberry Library, Chicago


Jane Yoder
Waukegan Community Unit Schools, District 60


Kathleen Zar
University of Chicago


Ex Officio Member
Pamela Gaitskill, President, Illinois Library Association


Dear Friends,


Jesse White
Secretary of State

Dear Friends,

An important role of the Office of the Secretary of State is addressing issues facing the Illinois library community. Grants from my office provide the opportunity to address many of these challenges.

This issue provides an in-depth look at some of the federal grant projects funded through the Office of the Secretary of State and the Illinois State Library. These grants provide an important and effective means of making library services more accessible to the people of Illinois. Whether it is enhanced library service to the disabled or specialized approaches to meeting the needs of immigrants, Illinois libraries are at the forefront in providing exemplary library service.

I applaud the efforts of Illinois librarians and library governing officials in using these grant funds to explore a new way of expanding library service. I urge you to continue these innovative efforts, thereby, getting us closer to meeting the information needs of all Illinois residents.


Secretary of State
and State Librarian


Kathleen L. Bloomberg

Two articles in this issue of Illinois Libraries address library history. The second of a three-part series by Mark Sorensen on the history of the Illinois State Library covers the pivotal years from 1870 to 1920. During this time the General Assembly passed legislation to enable cities, towns and townships to establish public libraries in the state. One of the areas covered in the article is the role of the Illinois Library Extension Commission, a quasi-official part of the Illinois State Library, in organizing free public libraries statewide.

During this same time period, Andrew Carnegie's largesse was helping to build more than 2,000 Carnegie libraries in Illinois, the United States and Europe. Michael Lorenzen's article analyzes the reasons behind Andrew Carnegie's contributions.

Other articles continue our tradition of addressing a variety of topics of interest to the Illinois library community.

As always, contributions to Illinois Libraries are welcomed. Please refer to the Illinois Libraries guidelines printed at the back of the issue and contact me with your ideas.


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