Illinois Parks &Recreation

Summer Solutions 15
Partnerships that make a difference for kids and parents
by Karen Weis, William Clevenger and Stanley Budzinski
Here's a Disclaimer about Employee Manuals 19
New policy guidelines handed down from the State Supreme Court
by James D. Wascher
Benefits-based Management 41
No. 2 in a series on the benefits of parks and recreation
by Kay Kastel Forest, CAE
Special Focus
Just What Is an SRA? 23
The history and evolution of special recreation associations
by John N. McGovem, CLP
Meet Peter Zimmerman 27
A former police officer learns to live life with his physical impairments
- by MaryEllen Bilek, MGW
SRA Perspectives 28
Viewpoints from parents, a professional and Special Olympics

TR for Youth at Risk 31
SRAs help agencies help youth with troubling behavior problems
- by Laura J. Brown and Karin Sevcik
The Inclusion Team 34
Advice for including people with disabilities in recreation programs
by Craig Culp, CLP, and Linda Mathis
Behavior Management 37
SRA professionals are trained to deal with difficult behaviors
by Tracey Crawford
Bringing the Classroom to the Stable 39
SlU's unique TR program involves horseback riding
by Marjorie J. Malkin, Ed. D., CTRS and Regina B. Glover, Ph.D., CLP

Gabe Krause

Gabe Krause, an individual with cerebral palsy, is all smiles as she experiences the thrill of climbing a tree called "Smitty's Revenge," as part of an overnight outdoor adventure program organized by the Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association (NEDSRA). For these trips, participants travel in Illinois and out-state to experience sailing, horseback riding, rock climbing and camping. Photo by Donna Alien, a recreation coordinator for NEDSRA. (Editor's Note: This shot was chosen because it shows so well how special recreation offers people with disabilities the chance to do things that others take for granted, such as climbing a tree. What it doesn't show so well is proper stewardship of trees. Althought this tree specifically was earmarked to assist people with disabilities, nailing steps into trees is not recommended nor promoted by Illinois Parks & Recreation magazine.)

From the Editor 4
Across the Board 6
Boardmanship bits & pieces
Eye on the Profession 8
Let's return the game to the children
Partnerships 10
E-commerce is not just for the Amazon.corns
Statehouse Insider 12
Teen REACH funded at new levels
Mixed Media 43
Embrace the age of niche marketing
Our Natural Resources 45
Interpreters at state parks, plus DNR Newsbriefs
People and Places 51
With photo highlights from the IAPD Legislative Conference

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