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Illinois Heritage

A Publication of The Illinois State Historical Society
Spring-Summer 2000                       Volume 2 Numbers 3 & 4


4 The Depression Era Art Projects in Illinois
by Mary Emma Thompson

12 The Vandalia Statehouse and the Relocation to Springfield
by Paul E. Stroble

22 A Tale of Two Cities (of God):
Bishop Hill and Nauvoo

by Myron J. Fogde

29 A Salute to the 80th Congress of the United States
by William G. Stratton


3 Letters to the Editor

10 A Review of Frontier Illinois
by Warren D. Winston

20 A Review of A History of Beer and Brewing
in Chicago, 1833-1978

by John K. Notz, Jr.

Illinois Heritage is published by The Illinois State Historical Society and is printed by William Street Press, Decatur. The Society is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Illinois. Articles and reviews appearing in Illinois Heritage are abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts and in America: History and Life.

Cover: Young Lincoln Watching a Slave Auction by James E. McBurney (1928) located at Wentworth Elementary School, Chicago. Courtesy of the Chicago Conservation Center.

Copyright 2000 Illinois State Historical Society. All rights reserved. For private use only.

Illinois Heritage
Mission Statement

Illinois Heritage is an illustrated magazine published quarterly by The Illinois State Historical Society and distributed to the Society's 2,700 members. Conceived as a vehicle to bring to the public good narrative and analytical history about Illinois in its local and broader contexts of region and nation, the magazine explores the lives and work of architects, artists, entrepreneurs, homemakers, laborers, naturalists, performers, politicians, reformers, soldiers, and writers. It traces the impact of Illinois on the nation and the world through events that took place here and through well-known figures such as Jane Addams, Jack Benny, Black Hawk, Gwendolyn Brooks, William Jennings Bryan, Al Capone, Richard J. Daley, John Deere, Everett Dirksen, Stephen Douglas, Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Ingersoll, John A. Logan, Elijah Lovejoy, Cyrus McCormick, Fibber McGee & Molly, George Pullman, Carl Sandburg, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Harold Washington. Illinois Heritage examines the influence on the state of non-Illinoisans such as George Rogers Clark, Eugene V. Debs, Enrico Fermi, Mary Garden, Louis Jolliet, Charles Lindbergh, A. Philip Randolph, and Joseph Smith. Just as important, it features ordinary Illinois men and women, bringing to light obscure lives and work. In this vein, the editorial staff seeks nonfiction articles that are solidly researched, attractively written, and amenable to illustration. Scholars, journalists, and freelance writers are encouraged to contribute to the magazine.

Editor's Message

The concept of a popular history magazine for Illinois began as a kernel of an idea that was presented at a Society Board retreat in 1993. Upon my arrival in 1995, I was excited to learn that this project was ripe for development.

I was familiar with similar magazines that were in active publication in the states of Indiana and New York, and as a native of the State with a deep interest in promoting an interest and awareness in the rich and wonderful history of my own past, I was pleased to discover that publication of a similar magazine lay within reach for Illinois. Convinced that our current and potential members desire high-quality articles in a reader-friendly format, we set a course to produce Illinois Heritage in late 1997. Despite the frustrations inherent in starting any new venture, I believe that we are making progress and serving a niche.

Each issue has included articles and illustrations chosen to reach the broadest possible audience by avoiding focus on a single theme, period of time, or region. This has become our way of expanding the horizons of our readers to appreciate not only their local past but also the past of those in communities across the State.

The Society's survey conducted this Spring confirmed the opinions of our Board and staff that our members, too, recognize untapped potential in Illinois Heritage. Its quality has been recognized, and some respondents even suggested that the magazine should be expanded. One member wrote, "Keep improving and expanding Illinois Heritage." Our members' comments and general praise for the magazine is truly gratifying. However, the technical aspects of producing a publication like this are greater than may appear especially when running an already aggressive schedule of programs, publications, and services. New material submitted for consideration joins a backlog of quality articles to ensure that the magazine will continue to arrive in our members' mail. The staff and I apologize for the delays, and we appreciate your patience.

We hope that you enjoy the current issue and eagerly await the next issue.

Best wishes,

Jon Austin, Editor

The Illinois State
Historical Society

210-1/2 South Sixth Street
Suite 200
Springfield, Illinois 62701-1503

fax: 217/525-2783


Jon N. Austin
Executive Director and Editor

Jason A. Meyers
Assistant to the Executive Director
and Associate Editor

Harry G. Klinkhamer
Programs Assistant

Sallie L. Brittin
Membership Secretary

Mui Le Vu


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