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  Keith A. Sculle

Advisory Board, Volume 9:1
  Kay J. Carr
    Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  Patricia Grimmer
    Carbondale Community High School
  Harold Harrison
     Oregon High School Oregon
  Robert H. Lombard
    Western Illinois University Macomb
  David Maurer (retired)
     Eastern Illinois University Charleston
  Ann M. Pictor (retired)
    Illinois State Board of Education Springfield

Introduction ....... 1
  Keith A. Sculle, Editor

Cultural Conflicts: The French and the Anglo-Americans in Pre-statehood Illinois ........ 2 - 8
  B. Pierre Lebeau
  Curriculum Materials
  Tonia Faloon

John Peter Altgeld and the Haymarket Riot
Pardons . . . . .9-27

  Leonard Schlup
   Curriculum Materials
  Delores F. Rauscher

Public Transportation and the Failure of Municipal Socialism in Chicago, 1905-1907 .......28-43
  Richard Allen Morton
  Curriculum Materials
  Jason P. Klein

Illinois Constitution-Making in the Spirit of the Sixties, 1969-1970 .... 44-54
  Janet Cornelius
  Curriculum Materials
  Malcolm Moore

Bibliography .......55-56

Contributors' Biographies.......... Inside Back Cover

Board of Trustees
 Julie Cellini, Chair
 Pamela A. Daniels  Edward M.
 Samuel Lilly
 Carol Stein

Susan Mogerman


Editorial Assistant
Karen E. Everingham

Manager, Public Affairs and Development
Maynard Crossland

Chief of Publications
Evelyn R. Taylor

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