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The Illinois State Historical Society Officers

The Illinois State Historical Society Officers

President: David W. Scott, Springfield
President Elect: Marvin W. Ehlers, Deerfield
Treasurer: Arthur M. Martin, Chicago


Directors, Terms Expire in 2005
Leah J. Axelrod, Chicago
Herbert Channick, Rockford
Redd Griffin, Oak Park
Russell Lewis, Chicago
John Power, Jacksonville

Directors, Terms Expire in 2006
Larry Douglas, Belknap
Stuart Fliege, Springfield
Roger Bridges, Bloomington
Ellsworth Mills, II, Highland Park
Mary "Happy" Dean, Peoria

Directors, Terms Expire in 2007
Michael Bakalis, Darien
Michael Batinski, Carhondale
Elaine Egdorf, Homewood
Shirley Portwood, Godfrey
Theodore Wachholz, Arlington Heights


William Furry, Executive Director
Mary Lou Johnsrud, Office Manager

Advisory Board 2004-2005
Alberta Adamson, Wheaton
David Badillo, Oak Park
Terry Barnhart, Charleston
John Craig, Springfield
Tim Draper, Sugar Grove
Lawrence Hansen, River Forest
Thomas O. Kay, Wheaton
Alfred Klairmont, Highland Park
Lindell Loveless, Gillespie
Jon Musgrave, Marion
Mark Sorensen, Decatur
Patricia Walton, Hanover Park
John Week, Sycamore
Dennis Williams, Quincy
Robyn Williams, Harrisburg
Randall Witter, Springfield

Living Past Presidents
Alexander Summers, San Diego, CA Robert M. Sutton, Urhana
Gunrtar Benson, Sterling
Victor Hicken, Macomb
Katie Fiene Birchler, Chester
Samuel Lilly, Downers Grove
David J. Maurer, Charleston
Wilma Lund, Springfield
Patricia Wallace-Christian, Durham, CT
Mark A. Plummer, Normal
John T. Trutter, Northfield
E. Duane Elbert, Forrest
Raymond E. Hauser, St. Charles
Patricia Grimmer, Carbondale
John Power, Jacksonville
Robert J. Klaus, Chicago
Michael J, McNerney, Carbondale
Robert McColley, Urbana
Barbara M. Posadas, DeKalb
Rand Burnette, Jacksonville

Illinois Heritage

A Publication of The Illinois State Historical Society
January-February 2005                                                       Volume 8 Number 1


3          President's letter

5        News

27       The honor roll

28      From the archives


8          Naperville's first builder

10 Dana-Thomas House celebrates centennial

11 What did you learn in school today?

18 Orndorff essay: Lincoln the lawyer: Great intellect, skilled orator or both?

20 Society plans 105th annual meeting in Evanston


23 Mr. Lincoln's Wars

24 Alchemy of Bones

24 The Illinois Adventure

To our readers:

The third year of the second millennium is now history. Time marches on, and so does the Illinois State Historical Society. Today the Society is poised to plot a new course for the future, one we hope you all will take part in sharing. Not only is the Society reshaping its Mission Statement, the Board of Directors hopes to institute by early spring the Society's new Strategic Plan for carrying our organization into the next decade. Watch for details in the next issue of Illinois Heritage.

This past year brought change and positive growth for the Society. We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Centennial Awards Program at the Palmer House in Chicago, and the 25th anniversary of the Illinois History Symposium in Springfield with a memorable banquet at the Governors Mansion. We placed several new historic markers around the state. We also lost several old friends.

Today our publications are stronger than ever, our staff and volunteers are resourceful and committed, and our membership is growing in new direction We have experienced a resurgence of interest in our markers program and expect good things to come from it. But we look to you for daily inspiration. Your commitment to the Society, through your membership, contributions, gifts, and advocacy, remains our strongest asset. If you know of others who share your love of Illinois history, tell them about us. Encourage them to join the Illinois State Historical Society. We have an awesome story to tell.

Happy New Year!

William Furry Editor

2 Illinois Heritage

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