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Illinois Issues

Est. 1975 MARCH 1981 VOL. VII, NO. 3

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published by Sangamon State University. The magazine's board is appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. In addition to subscription income the magazine is supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University, and donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of either university, the Ford Foundation or other donors.

Publisher: J. Michael Lennon
Editor: Caroline Gherardini
Circulation director: John E. Cockrell
Editor emeritus: William L. Day
Associate editors: Margaret S. Knoepfle,
            Richard J. Shereikis
Fulfillment manager: Elizabeth A. Curl
Legislative correspondent: Diane Ross
Contributing editors: Tom Littlewood,
      Bill Miller, Robert Kieckhefer,
      Mark Gruenberg, Milton Rakove,
      Ed McManus, Anna J. Merritt,
      Larry Smith, Beverly Fleming
Artist: Ed Dyson
Business staff: Bonnie S. Roberts
Student staff: Cheryl A. Tinsley, Claudia
      L. Woolridge, Cynthia L. Konold
      Pat Karlak

The Board
Samuel K. Gove, director, Institute
      of Government and Public Affairs, University
      of Illinois, Urbana
Vice Chairman: Thomas F. Roeser, vice
      president-government relations, The
      Quaker Oats Company, Chicago
John N. Collins, director, Center for
      Policy Studies and Program Evaluation,
      Sangamon State University, Springfield
William L. Day, editor emeritus, Springfield
Doris B. Holleb, director, Metropolitan
      Institute, University of Chicago
David Kenney, director, Illinois Department
      of Conservation, Springfield
James R. Kackley, partner, Arthur Andersen &
      Co., Chicago
Louis H. Masotti, director, Center for Urban
      Affairs, Northwestern University,
Odas Nicholson, lawyer, Chicago
James D. Nowlan, Institute of Government and
      Public Affairs, University of Illinois, Urbana
James T. Otis, lawyer, Chicago
Theodore Peterson, professor of journalism,
      University of Illinois, Urbana
Betsy Plank, assistant vice president, Illinois
      Bell Telephone Co., Chicago
Gerald H. Pugh, vice president and director of
      government relations, Combined Insurance
      Company of America, Chicago
Honorable Samuel H. Shapiro, lawyer,
Carl Shier, international representative, Region
      4, United Auto Workers
Honorable William G. Stratton, vice president,
      Canteen Corporation, Chicago
James M. Wall, editor, Christian Century,
Samuel W. Witwer, lawyer, Chicago
James C. Worthy, professor of management.
      Northwestern University
J. Michael Lennon, ex officio member


Five-Part Special By DIANE ROSS
4 The Day the Republicans Stole the Senate
5 Divided Democrats: From clout to rout
7 And the spirits chuckled
8 The Day of the Banana Republic
9 The Day the Democrats Stole the House

10 The bullet bites the dust: Will the Cutback Amendment bring competition and accountability?
By David H. Everson

16 The Illinois Appellate Court: The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow
By Janeen Burkholder

21 Humanities Essays Welfare Policy: It mirrors-but cannot mend our fragmented society

By Leroy S. Wehrle

By Diane Ross

Thompson never looked better

27 BOOK REVIEW By Richard J. Shereikis
American dreams: a disparate chorus

28 SCIENCE By Julie A. Dutton
The difficulty of definition: drug paraphernalia

The Illinois House...and never was heard a discouraging word

32 EXECUTIVE REPORT By Shelley Davis
The rationing of Lake Michigan water

38 CHICAGO By Milton Rakove
The view from London

39 WASHINGTON By Robert Mackay
Redistricting: who's gotta go?

40 POLITICS By Robert Kieckhefer
Where is the Thompson road program?

THE ROSTRUM________41
The family farm: will it survive

Prisoners and public defenders

Dunne's veto improper/ Strong dissent on 'Cutback Amendment' ruling/
Juvenile Offender Act upheld/ Open Meetings Act upheld-in Urbana case/
Murder conviction, by itself, not test of parent's fitness/
Toy gun does not an armed robber make

LETTERS __________34

STATE STIX __________34

NAMES __________37
Reagan names Block to cabinet

ILLINOIS ISSUES (USPS 060-130) is published monthly (12 times per year). Editorial offices: 226 Capital Campus, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62708 (telephone: 217/782-0294). Please address questions regarding your subscription to ILLINOIS ISSUES, Subscription Division, P. O. Box 251, Mount Morris, Illinois 61054 (telephone: 815-734-4151).

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to ILLINOIS ISSUES, Subscription Division, P. O. Box 251, Mount Morris, Illinois 61054. Subscription rate: $18 year/$30 two years/$42 three years; student rate is $9 a year. Individual copy is $1.75. Second class postage paid at Springfield, Illinois. 51980 by ILLINOIS ISSUES, 226 CC, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62708. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce any part of the magazine.

March 1981/Illinois Issues/3

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