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5 In This Issue
By Dr. Ted Flickinger, Managing Editor

6 Rails to Trails Conservancy
By Karen Fonte

8 Choices: How the National Standards for Youth Sports Help
By Mick McAndrews

10 An All-Star Approach to Promoting Fitness Programs
By Debbie Reichenbach

14 Freeport Park District's "Ride with the Ghost"
By John Crysdale and Kent Cox

16 Bloomington's National Fastpitch Softball Tournament
By Randy R. Ralston

19 American Red Cross Aquatic Certification -- An Interview with Peggy Sorenson
By Donald Van Arsdale

21 Legal/Legislative Scene
By Peter M. Murphy, Legal/Legislative Counsel

27 People, Places and Things

Milly Wallace, Editor
Springfield, Illinois

Theodore B. Flickinger, Managing Editor
Executive Director, IAPD, Springfield, Illinois

National Advertising Representative
Allan S. Young
P. 0. Box 128
Winnetka, IL 60093
(312) 446-5818

Illinois Parks and Recreation 3 May/June 1989

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