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Volume 28, Number 5 September/October 1997

Special Focus

The Benefits Are Timeless 15
Jane Addams' Waukegan "country club" promoted the
benefits of recreation much the same as the Waukegan Park District does today
by Sharon A. Laughlin

About the National Registry 18
of Historic Places

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency shores how
to protect historic land and buildings for all time

It's in the Blood 19
Generations of pork professionals and board members
by Ann M. Londrigan

History of Illinois Park Districts 23
Decade by Decade

The story of Illinois' award-winning pork district
system, told by 11 agencies representing more than 130 years of public parks and recreation heritage
introduction by Malcolm Cairns

IAPD Makes History 39
The Illinois Association of Park Districts celebrates 70 years
by Dr. Ted Flickinger. CLP

History Can Be Fun 42
The ramblings of a researcher into IPRA's beginnings
by Kay Forest, CAE

History of SRAs 45
Park districts take action to better service people with special needs
by Larry Reiner

Yellowstone Turns 125 48
"The best idea the notion ever had" celebrates 125 years
-by William A. Smith


Things get a little wild on the cover of this history issue. Taking a
cue from LIFE magazine's 60th anniversary cover (minus the
Marilyn Monroe photomosaic), featured are 25 past issues of our
statewide magazine, from 1941 to 1997. It's been called "Illinois
Park Board Bulletin," " Illinois Parks," and now " Illinois Parks &Recreation." During the war years, poetry "for the boys"
made the ncover and life in the "Atomic Age" was pondered.
Nature and recreation remain mainstays. Special thanks to the
graphics team at For Color in Springfield for their work on this cover.


From the Editor 4

Across the Board 6
It all started with citizens

Partnerships 9
Free rides are just the ticket in Peoria

Statehouse Insider 12
Veto session is the battleground for tort reform

Trend Watch 51
Snags and Yeepies are coming to town

Mixed Media 52
What to say and when to say it

Our Natural Resources 54
Volunteer interpreters, Tree Cities USA, and DNR Newsbriefs

People and Places 61

September/October 1997 / 3

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