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Illinois Issues

A publication of the University of Illinois at Springfield

May 2001   Volume XXVII, No. 5

Airports, page 24

Telecommunications, page 16

Southern clout, page 30


16 Call forward or call waiting?

by Maura Webber
Politicians can move ahead on progressive telecommunications policy or put the debate on hold.

20 It's a Crime    by Aaron Chambers

The state's Criminal Code has become difficult to navigate/or even the most experienced lawyers and judges.

Spotlight on airports

24 Peotone: Flight delays    by Kristen McQueary

26 Meigs: For the birds    by Nancy Moffett

28 Springfield: Calling all airlines

by Tim Landis

30 Could the south rise again?

by Jim Getz& Patrick E. Gauen
Legislative control has shifted northward, possibly forever.


35 ADM: Supermarkup to the world

by Harold Henderson

Credits: This month's cover was designed by art director Diana Nelson.


3  Conversation with the Publisher
by Ed Wojcicki

4  Editor's Notebook
by Peggy Boyer Long

6  State of the State
by Aaron Chambers
Legal complications for remap

8  Briefly
by Rodd Whelpley

38  People
by Rodd Whelpley

40  Letters

41  A View from Chicago
by Patrick E. Gauen.
Retrial in southern Illinois

42  Politics
by Charles N. Wheeler III
An informed citizenry Illinois Issues May 2001   5

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