Illinois Issues

VOL. II, NO. 7 / JULY 1976

Table of Contents


3/Survival for city managers: Be an expert but don't raise political hackles
/John Rehfuss
7/ Bob McGaw: Mayor of Rockford
/Clarice Stetter
10/ Upstate Update: Party regulars dominate House races
/ Special Staff Report
10/Fiscal views from the candidates
15/ Unemployment insurance claims: State plugs in new processing system to get checks to people on time
/ Gary Adkins
18/General obligation bonds: Everything you need to know and the questions you should ask
/Douglas Kane, Tony Licata and Duane W. Waugh


30/ Chicago: The big business of conventions and keeping ahead of the competition
/Charles B. Cleveland
31/Washington: A question of minimum funding standards if feds regulate public pensions systems
/ Tom Littlewood


25/ Legislative record of Gov. Kerner's years


11/November lineup for Upstate House
26/ Legislative Action: Budget, salary bills in legislature
27/ Bill Summaries
27/ A question of ethics for the legislature
28/ Executive Report
28/Judicial Rulings


6/The Other 49
24/ Book review: Adlia E. Stevenson: Portrait of a collector, patrician, candidate, political strategist, governor
29/ Names
29 / Selected State Reports
32/ Calendar: Bicentennial Events

ART CREDITS/ The cover illustration, which appears again on page 22. was done by Robert Waldmire of Rochester, who, during the past four years, has established a business highlighted by calendar illustrations of college towns across the nation. The drawing on page 5 is the work of Springfield artist, Robert W. Miller, and the profile on page 7 was done by Tim Conrad, also of Springfield. The legislative map on page 13 is by Springfield graphics designer, James Krone Jr.

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