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3/Open meetings act: When should the doors close?
/ Ed Nash
6/Pollution Control Board: Surviving the shakedown
/ William Lambrecht
10/How to get your project funded by the Illinois Arts Council
/ Cordelia Burpee
11/Six women mayors: Aware of the problems, relishing the challenges
/ Clarice Stetter
14/Student trustees: Should they have full voting rights on university boards?
/ "No" by Lilburn H. Horton, Jr.and "Yes" by Mary McDonough Brady
18/Growing old in Illinois: Prospects and illusions after 65
/ Gari Lesnoff-Caravaglia
21/Sunset laws: Limited lifespan for state agencies?
/ Tony Licata

30/Chicago Judge Power loses retention, but it wasn't the first time Daley lost a judge
/ Charles B. Cleveland
31/Washington Intergovernmental Personnel Act: Unions want a share of training grants
/Tom Littlewood

24/Daley: The aftermath

25/Legislative Action: The line wasn't held on spending
26/Executive Report
27/Judicial Rulings: Attorney general vindicated

5/Selected State Reports
9/Property crimes increase; violent crimes drop
23/Book Review: Explaining the legislative process
/ Paul Neal, Jr.

ART CREDITS/Ed Dyson, Springfield commercial artist, designed this month's cover which appears again on page 21. The illustration on page 5 for the open meetings story and the page 19 adaption of John Tenniel's Alice in Wonder- land illustrations are also his work. Free-lance artist Joyce Ann Furman of Springfield designed the group portrait of six Illinois women mayors on page 19.

Articles for Illinois Issues are written by professional writers or by experts in various fields of government. Students have also written for the magazine. The editors welcome inquiries from writers. Unsolicited articles should be accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelope. Consideration will be given to all manuscripts, but all articles published in Illinois Issues must present objectively all sides to an issue. Editorial offices are located at 226 Capital Campus, Sangamon State University, Springfield, III. 62708.

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published by Sangamon State University. The publisher/editor serves' as a faculty member of the university. He is selected by a board whose members are appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. In addition to subscription income the magazine is supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University, and donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of either university, the Ford Foundation or other donors.

Publisher/editor: William L. Day
Managing editor: Caroline Gherardini
Associate editor: J. M. (Mike) Lennon
Editorial assistant: Margaret S. Knoepfle
Contributing editors: Leon S. Cohen
Stephanie Cole
Contributing staff: Kenneth E. Mitchell
Mary C. Galligan
Circulation director: John E. Cockrell
Business assistants: Elizabeth A. Curl
Kathleen A. Wood

The Board
Samuel K. Gove, University of Illinois, Urbana,
Chairman, Philip Kendall, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Vice Chairman, William W. Alien, Illinois Agricultural Association, Bloomington, Richard E. Carver, Mayor, Peoria, Robert C. Gibson, Illinois State Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Chicago, Mrs. Randall Nelson, Carbondale, Odas Nicholson, Lawyer, Chicago, James D. Nowlan, University of Illinois, Circle Campus, James T. Otis, Lawyer, Chicago, Theodore Peterson, University of Illinois, Urbana, Honorable Samuel H. Shapiro, Lawyer, Kankakee, Chris Vlahoplus, Sangamon State University, Springfield, James M. Wall, The Christian Century, Chicago, Samuel W. Witwer, Lawyer, Chicago, William L. Day, ex officio member

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2 / February 1977 / Illinois Issues

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