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July 1991

Illinois Issues

Vol. XVII No. 7
Established 1975


Ag director Doyle: nontraditional choice for traditional agency
Wen Huang



The Cutback at 10: Illinois House without cumulative voting and 59 members
David H. Everson



Health care in America: Can managed care manage it?
Leroy Wehrle and Chandra Gravit


Cover illustration: Becky Doyle, director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, posed for this photograph amid an array of Illinois food products. Part of her job is to promote those products and all others connected to the giant agriculture/food processing sector of the state's economy. The photographer is Terry Farmer/Showcase Photography. Illinois Issues Summer Book Section

Columns Departments
Illinois Constitution: Did it do the 'right stuff?
Charles N. Wheeler III ________ 6

State Stix Free trade and fair questions
Margaret S. Knoepfle_________ 4

The state of the State
Budget imbalance: when 12 months of revenue cover 15 months of spending
Michael D. Klemens _________ 8

Letters__________ 5

Legislative Action
End of session squeeze
Michael D. Klemens__31
Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert____32
The Pulse
The difference between a fad and a fundamental change
Richard Day______________36
State Reports
Anna J. Merritt ____40

Big city money nightmares
Paul M. Green_____________38

Illinois Issues Summer Book Selection

Chautauqua: old and new
Douglas L. Wilson


Book Reviews

Historic Illinois from an aerial perspective
Francis J. Pettis ___________24

Cahokia: archaeology in the Midwest
Kathleen King _____________25

Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858
Mark Neely Jr. ____________26

Dreiser's life: the rest of the story
Frederick C. Stern __________27

Serial murder in Illinois
Steven A. Egger ____________28

Chicago's land-use crisis
Paul M. Green_____________29

July 1991/Illinois Issues/3

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