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Contents December 1992
Illinois Issues
Vol. XVIII No. 12
Established 1975

State government job cuts challenge AFSCME
Bill Steinbacher-Kemp


ii9212tc2.jpg Gambling for jobs: legalizing gambling casinos in Chicago
Toby Eckert


ii9212tc3.jpg Prison overcrowding: crisis in search of solution
Beverley Scobell


ii9212tc4.jpg Where will all the garbage go? Progress on county solid waste programs
Suzanne M. Kilner
Danielle Miller


ii9212tc5.jpg Illinois Facilities Fund: innovation for nonprofit capital investment
Jennifer Halperin


New faces, old instincts
Charles N. Wheeler III_____6
The state of the State
Election shifts political dynamics
Caroline A. Gherardini _____ 8
Legislative Action
Sick bank for state
workers: by law or rules

Beverley Scobell__________ 28
The Pulse
'I'm OK, but I'm
worried about you'
Ellen M. Dran ___________ 36
Illinois Compiled Statutes:
new system for organizing,
citing state laws

Charles Swearingen________ 29
Street level politics:
The Party era isn't over
Paul M. Green_______38
Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert___________ 30

Names_________________ 32

Book Reviews
Economic trouble in
rural Midwest

Eric L. Rinehart____________33

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt____________ 34

State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle_______ 35

Cover illustration: The Prescott E. Bloom Building in Springfield is almost brand new and houses the Illinois Department of Public Aid. The torn photo of the building illustrates the jolt being felt by state job cuts, especially as they diminish the strength of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. See the article beginning on page 10. The illustration is by Terry Farmer/Showcase Photography of Springfield.

December 1992/Illinois Issues/5

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