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Contents                     February 1993


Vol. XIX    No. 2
Established 1975

Honorable Mary Ann Grohwin McMorrow
Women in
and politics


Sketch of the Capital Building
New members
of Illinois


School House Sketch
Final report
a thud: Task
Force on
School Finance


President Bill Clinton
Illinois for Clinton
and Braun,
regional strengths
and past trends

Paul M.


Edgar's midterm menu
Charles N. Wheeler III.           6

The state of the State
Governor's task forces:
Reflecting Edgar's vision for change, from health care to job training
Beverley Scobell          8

Guest Column
Stop applying 'business model' to education
Donald Vanover            10

The Pulse
Survey shows Braun supporters from all segments of electorate
Ellen M. Dran            36

Bipartisan cooperation: that old-fashioned remedy for breaking stalemates
Paul M. Green          38


Letters           11

Legislative Action
More early retirement approved by 87th Assembly
Jennifer Halperin            30

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert            31

Names            32

Book Reviews
Wills on Lincoln and Gettysburg

Todd Volker            33

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt            34

State Stix
Donald Sevener            35

Cover illustrations: Mary Ann Growhin McMorrow, first woman justice on the Illinois Supreme Court, is featured on the cover along with Illinois Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch (left inset) and for state Sen. Virginia B. McDonald (right inset). Read about them and their comments on women in Illinois government and politics in the article be Jennifer Halperin begining on page 12. Photographs of Justice McMorrow and of former Sen. MacDonald are by Ricahrd Foertsch/Photoprose. Comptroller Netsch's photo courtesy of her office.

February 1993/Illinois Issues/5

Published by Sangamon State University/ cosponsored by the University of Illinois


How good it was to be at the banquet when the United Neighborhood Organization of Chicago honored a member of the Board of Illinois Issues, Elzie Higginbottom of Chicago, with its Economic Development Award.

UNO recognized him in December "for his groundbreaking work in housing rehabilitation combining for-profit and non-profit partners. He has demonstrated that profit and conscience can pull in the same direction."

Higginbottom is president and CEO of the East Lake Management and Development Corporation and a developer of low-to moderate-income housing in Chicago.

It was not the first time Higginbottom had received such significant recognition. In 1984, he received the first Minority Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

I add my congratulations to Higginbottom. We are very pleased he serves on Illinois Issues' Board, whose distinguished members (listed on the mast below) are influential in helping our staff identify the cutting edge of trends in Illinois.

It is also worth noting that Nina Shepherd, the former president of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and civic leader from Winnetka, joined our board last month. She is the only woman ever to have served as U of I Board of Trustees' president. So her experience in government and civic affairs add a new dimension to our board.

In this issue we continue to focus on this important time of transition in government. Included are sketches of new members of the Illinois House of Representatives all 44 of them.

The face of state government is changing dramatically. More and more women are in positions of leadership in the executive branch, the legislature and now on the Supreme Court with the first woman justice, Mary Ann McMorrow, sworn in December 7. In our cover story, Statehouse Bureau Chief Jennifer Halperin examines the significance of the growing influence of women in state government.

Ed Wojcicki

February 1993/Illinois Issues/3

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