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The Illinois State Historical Society

President: John Weck, Sycamore
Vice President: Mark Sorensen, Decatur
Treasurer: Arthur M. Martin, Chicago
Secretary: Russell Lewis, Chicago

Directors: Terms Expire in 2008
Alberta Adarnson, Wheaton
Roger Biles, Normal
Lawrence Hansen, River Forest
Patricia Walton, Hanover Park
Randall Witter, Springfield

Directors: Terms Expire in 2009
Leah Axelrod, Highland Park
Herbert Channick, Highland Park
Redd Griffin, Oak Park
Dennis Williams, Quincy
Robyn Williams, Harrisburg

Directors: Terms Expire in 2010
Terri Cameron, Springfield
John Craig, Springfield
Larry Douglas, Belknap
Stu Fliege, Springfield
Dave Joens, Springfield

William Furry, Executive Director
Mary Lou Johnsrud, Office Manager

            Advisory Board 2007-2008
Michael Batinski, Carbondale
Charles Burgess, Bethalto
Roland Cross, Springfield
Suzanne Dietrich, Edwardsville
Tim Draper, Sugar Grove
Elaine Egdorf, Homewood
Annemarie Erickson, Bloomingdale
Dow Grider, Sherman
Jeff Lightfoot, Springfield
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            Living Past Presidents
Victor Hicken, Macomb
Katie Fiene Birchler, Chester
Samuel Lilly, Downers Grove
David J. Maurer, Charleston
Wilma Lund, Springfield
Patricia Wallace-Christian, Madison, CT
Mark A. Plummer, Normal
E. Duane Elbert, Forrest
Raymond E. Hauser, St. Charles
Patricia Grimmer, Carbondale
John Power, Jacksonville
Robert J. Klaus, Chicago
Michael J. McNerney, Carbondale
Robert McColley, Urbana
Barbara M. Posadas, DeKalb
Rand Burnette, Jacksonville
David W. Scott, Springfield
Marvin Ehlers, Deerfield

Illinois Heritage
A Publication of The Illinois State Historical Society

November-December 2007                                                                      Volume 10 Number 6

3    Letters

4    News

23  The honor roll

5    Bringing "Over There" back here
WWI Trench Project offers students glimpse of the front line

7    A day of her own

9    Recording history with the History Makers — Chicago
organization building oral history archive for African-American voices

12   2008 Centennial Awards Reception highlights

15   Sculpting Lincoln, Part 7 Lincoln the Friendly Neighbor
Lincoln the Lawyer

17   Cardiff memorial reclaims lost community's past

21   Grave robbers and academics

On the Cover:
"The Key," by Illinois artist Billy Morrow Jackson (1926-2006) depicts the contributions of Jane Addams to the helpless, children, recent immigrants, the poor, and women. The 7-foot acrylic painting on canvas was installed at the Illinois State Capitol in 1989. (See page 18 for more on the painting.)
        Photo courtesy of Illinois Secretary of State.

To our readers:
Halloween is past and the first snowfall is on the way. Time for an Illinois Heritage break. In this issue we bring you several stories that are sure to please. For starters, ISHS intern Natalie Lance looks at the work of the Chicago-based HistoryMakers organization, while frequent contributor Mark Sorensen gives us the story behind "Jane Addams Day," the first commemorative day in American to honor a woman. Mark December 10 on your calendar to celebrate.

New contributor Chris McDonald, a professor of international politics at Lincoln Land Community College, tells how his students have taken to the trenches to learn about World War I, and we take a trip to Cardiff, an almost-forgotten mining community in Livingston County, to dedicate a new historical marker.

We also share a few highlights from the 23rd annual Centennial Awards Reception, held at the Executive Mansion in Springfield on October 6. Sorry if you missed the chocolate and champagne.

With this issue we wrap up Illinois Heritage's first decade in print, a minor milestone in the Society's 108-year history. Our thanks to the many contributors who have made this publication a pleasure to read, and to our advertisers who have invested in our common Prairie State past. We hope you all will continue to honor and support the mission of the Illinois State Historical Society, and we look forward to working with you in our second decade.

One more thing: If you haven't renewed your membership for 2008, please do so now. We don't want to start the new year without you. Very best wishes,

William Furry
Executive Director

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