Illinois Issues VOL.I- NO. I/JANUARY 1975

ILLINOIS ISSUES is an independent publication whose publisher/editor is selected by and responsible to a board appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. The magazine is financially assisted by a grant from the Ford Foundation and support from the universities as well as by Illinois donations and income from sale of subscriptions. The publisher/editor is a member of the faculty of Sangamon State University, but the contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of either university, the Ford Foundation, or other donors.

Publisher/editor: William L. Day
Assistant editors: Caroline Gherardini,

J. M. (Mike) Lennon

Business manager: William J. Geekie
Secretary: Louise Herndon

The Board Samuel K. Gove, University of Illinois, Urbana, Chairman
William W. Alien, Illinois Agricultural
Association, Bloominglon
Richard E. Carver. Mayor, Peoria Robert C. Gibson, Illinois State Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial
Organizations, Chicago
Philip Kendall. Sangamon State University
Mrs. Randall Nelson, Carbondale
Odas Nicholson. Lawyer. Chicago
James D. Nowlan. Knox College, Galesburg
James T. Otis. Lawyer. Chicago
Theodore Peterson. University of Illinois,
Honorable Samuel H. Shapiro, Lawyer,
Chris Vlahoplus. Sangamon State University,
James M. Wall, The Christian Century, Chicago
Samuel W. Witwer, Lawyer, Chicago
William L. Day. ex officio member

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published monthly (12 times per year).

Editorial and business offices: 226 Capital Campus. Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois 62708. Telephone: (217) 786-6536.

Subscription rate; $15 a year/$27 two YEARS/40 three years. $1-50 individual copy.

© 1974 by ILLINOIS ISSUES. 226 CC, Sangamon State, Springfield, Illinois 62708.

Application la mail at second-class postage rates is pending at Springfield. Illinois.

By way of introduction
THE PURPOSE of Illinois Issues is to focus attention on the public business of our State to enable you, our readers, to make the public business your business.

We propose to record the significant activities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. We will print roll calls on important bills, identify the more important State reports, and keep and publish a log of key appointments and resignations.

We plan a balanced portfolio of ar- ticles dealing with crucial questions, describing how the governmental process works at both state and local levels, and briefing our readers on the current and emerging problems in such areas as education, the environment, and science.

We shall make every effort to be fair and impartial. We shall do our best to exclude personal bias. We may make errors or omissions or print articles that you feel are misleading. If so, please write us.

Writing and editing
The articles in Illinois Issues will be written by professional writers including newsmen who cover government activities, scholars and scientists who wish to write for a general audience, and developing writers.

The magazine will rely on a small staff for editing and preparation of the regular departments. William L. Day, publisher/editor, is a former research director, Illinois Legislative Council. Caroline Gherardini, assistant editor, has several years experience in reporting and public information. J. M. (Mike) Lennon, assistant editor for copy editing, is assistant professor of literature, Sangamon State University.

Tom Littlewood ("Washington") has been a correspondent for the Chicago Sun-Times in the nation's capital since 1965; for a decade prior to that he was a member of the same newspaper's Springfield bureau. Dan Logan ("Chicago") is a free lance writer who lives in Evanston.

William J. Geekie, business manager. has a decade of experience in business and government. Louise Herndon. secretary, has been on the SSU staff for three and one-half years.

Financing a nonprofit magazine
Illinois Issues is a not-for-profit enterprise with initial support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University and a grant from the Ford Foundation as well as grants from Illinois sources. The magazine does not plan to sell advertising but looks to subscription income to meet costs.

The sponsors are confident that the readership for such a magazine exists in Illinois, but in addition to our own promotion efforts, we need referrals. The magazine is planned to meet the needs of public officials and employees. party workers, independent groups, and men and women closely concerned with public affairs reporters, lawyers, lobbyists, etc. Illinois Issues is also aimed at opinion leaders, those to whom their associates look for their cues business and labor spokesmen, clergy and counselors, educators and student leaders, farm and industrial managers. men and women in professions, and of course those in the communications and knowledge industries.

The test will come in acceptance by readers. Without this, we fail. With it we can succeed. We welcome your comments and will reserve this space in future issues for your letters.

2 /Illinois Issues/January 1975

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