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May 1990


Vol. XVI No.5
Established 1975

Elgin: Suburb or city?
Tom Andreoli


Litigation for equal education: a question of interpreting state constitution
Mark Mathewson


Will future labor demand fit supply?
Daniel T. Layzell


Global warming and Illinois: Oklahoma, here we come!
Stanley A. Changnon and Peter J. Lamb


SIU Chancellor Pettit speaks on issues for Illinois' higher education
Michael D. Klemens


Cover illustration: A view of Elgin's Civic Center Complex from Walton Island in the Fox River. The large building in the background is the performing arts center, Hemmens Auditorium. At left is the County Courts Building. The complex also includes the Gail Borden Library, City Hall (both the police and fire departments are housed there) and the County Building. Elgin is county seat for Kane County. The photograph is by Jon Randolph.


Stay out of campaign puddles
Charles N. Wheeler III _______ 6

The state of the State
Health care improvement
Angie Watson _________ 8

The Pulse
Voting early, voting often
Nick Panagakis ___________ 30

Tax 'revolting' time in DuPage
John Camper _____________ 32


State Stix
Taxing contributions
Angie Watson _____________ 3

Letters __________________ 9

Legislative Action
Mental health: revisited through the courtroom
Michael D. Klemens _________ 25

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert ___________ 26

Names ___________________ 27

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt ___________ 28

Book Reviews
Three views of Harold Washington
Ed Marciniak ___________ 29

May 1990/Illinois Issues/5

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