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Illinois Issues
A publicaition of the University of Illinois at Springfield
November 1997       Volume XXIII, No. 11




Rebuilding, page 20

Scared witless, page 14 Southern populist, page 27


14 Scared witless by Donald Sevener
Our fear of crime has produced political quick fixes
that fix nothing and threaten to tip the scales of justice.

18 Snapshots: Crime & Punishment

20 Rebuilding by Jennifer Davis
Officials are demolishing some of Illinois' first public
housing. Congress is fearing down and starting over too.

24 Q&A: John Hope Franklin by Burney Simpson

27 Southern populist by Bill Lambrecht
Democrat Glenn Poshardhas exhibited a way-down-in-Illinois approach in Congress. But the race for governor will take him far from his rural roots.

32 Influence peddlers by James Krohe Jr.
Reforming special interests may not be in our best interest.

35 Environmental update by Alf Siewers

38 Books:
Excerpts of a new biography of Richard Ogilvie.


3 A Conversation With Our Readers
by Ed Wojcicki

4 Editor's Notebook
by Peggy Boyer Long

6 State of the State
by Jennifer Davis
Alternative teacher certification

8 Briefly
by Donald Sevener

41 Your Turn
by Lee A. Daniels

42 People
by Jennifer Davis

44 Letters

45 A View From the Suburbs
by Madeleine Doubek
The politics of tollways

46 Politics
by Charles N. Wheeler III
The gas tax

Credits: Thanks to the Illinois State Bar Association for the image of blind Justice on this month's cover

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