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3/A new way of dealing with crime: Fogel and his ideas/
Conrad P. Rutkowski
5/Modern PLATO gives individual lessons to 900/
Norman D. Hinton
7/Seven hints on how to go about getting a job under Personnel
Code/ Kay Susan
9/Neil F. Hartigan/Margaret McGurk
12/Relishing 200 years in Illinois/
J. M. (Mike) Lennon and Charles B. Strozier
16/Air crash that killed 16 led to creation of new agency/
Craig Sanders
18/ Need for land use planning linked to population growth/
Sue Kennedy
21 / New force in Senate They call themselves `The Crazy 8'/
Burnell Heinecke

30/Chicago: Joanne Alter, MSD commissioner, turns engineering ideas into everyday words/ Charles B. Cleveland
31 / Washington: Broken promises on U.S. budget irk state and local officials/ Tom Littlewood

24/ Public pension funds: Asset or liability?

26/ Legislative Action
27/ Executive Report: Attorney general's opinions stress Purchasing Act
28/ Legislative Commission Members

11/The Other 49
11/Book Review: Connecticut businessman offers prescriptions for state government/ Samuel K. Gove
23/Selected State Reports
32/ Calendar

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COVER/The quality of justice in this case the criminal justice system in Illinois is theconcern of Dr. David Fogel, executive director ofthe Illinois Law Enforcement Commission. Fogel, author of a comprehensive plan aimed at reforming the state's criminal justice system, is depicted by Springfield artist Tim Conrad as ready to help if the system of justice gets too out of balance. The artist is a graphic narrator for Marvel Comics. Fogel's proposal is the topic of a three-part series by Conrad P. Rutkowski with the first article beginning on the next page.

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published by SangamonState University. The publisher/editor serves as a faculty member of the university. He is selected by a board whose members are appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. In addition to subscription income the magazine is supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University, and donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of either university, the Ford Foundation or other donors.

Publisher/editor: William L. Day
Assistant editors: Caroline Gherardini,
J. M. (Mike) Lennon
Contributing editors: Leon S. Cohen,
Conrad P. Rutkowski
Business manager: William J. Geekie
Marketing consultant: J. B. Spalding

The Board
Samuel K. Gove, University of Illinois, Urbana,
William W. Allen, Illinois Agricultural
Association, Bloomington
Richard E. Carver, Mayor, Peoria
Robert C. Gibson, Illinois State Federation of
Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Chicago
Philip Kendall, Sangamon State University,
Springfield Mrs. Randall Nelson, Carbondale
Olas Nicholson, Lawyer, Chicago
James D. Nowlan, University of Illinois,
Circle Campus James T. Otis, Lawyer, Chicago
Theodore Peterson, University of Illinois,
Samuel H. Shapiro, Lawyer,
Chris Vlahoplus, Sangamon State University,
James M. Wall, The Christian Century, Chicago
Samuel W. Witwer, Lawyer, Chicago
William L. Day, ex officio member

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2/January 1976/ Illinois Issues

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