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Contents August & September 1989

Illinois Issues

Vol. XV No. 8 & 9
Established 1975

17     Phil Rock: defender of government
Michael D. Klemens

20     1991 redistricting: Will suburbs get their share?
Thomas J. Lee

23     Cheerleader mayor: Maloof of Peoria
Ray Long

25     The tax increases of 1989: structurally similar to 1983 but politically opposite
Michael D. Klemens

28     Democrat and Republican futures in post-Thompson era: 1990 elections
Paul M. Green

32     Lowly $20 million Quad-City request for civic center grows into mighty $265 million package
Harvey Berkman

35     Affordable housing funding via real estate transfer tax
Peggy Boyer

38     Greylord: the aftermath
Nina Burleigh

Legislative Action Special Section

This special section was written by Michael D. Klemens, Illinois Issues Statehouse bureau chief.

43     Through the eyes of freshman Rep. Zickus

48     Financing education: adequacy and equity

52     Filling welfare gap: upgrading Project Chance

45       Debt record set with new bonding

46       $12.3 general funds appropriation: an end to fiscal restraint

51       Mental health: OBRA funding and more — despite vetoes

54       Wins, loses for business: workers' compensation eludes reform

55       Health care: key initiatives


8     Politics
      Campaign '90: out of the Thompson era and into the 21st century     Charles N. Wheeler III

12  The state of the State
      From boom to bust by '91     Michael D. Klemens

65  The Pulse
      Abortion: an issue feared by politicians     Richard Day

66  The Rostrum
      Filling the leadership gap in Illlinois education     M. Blouke Carus

68  Chicago
      Property tax knives     John Camper


6     State Stix
      Of crime and the courts     F. Mark Siebert

15     Letters

57     Judicial Rulings     F. Mark Siebert

58     Names

59  Book Reviews
      Searching for sense in the heartland     Kristina Valaitis

61     State Reports     Anna J. Merritt

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