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Contents February 1992
Vol. XVIII No. 2
Established 1975

Gary LaPaille Gary LaPaille: Madigan's 'no' man and state Democratic party chair
Jay Fitzgerald


Illinois CES Cooperative Extension Service: grappling with identity crisis
Beverley Scobell


Historic Illinois A guide to historic Illinois: Revisiting past for perspective on today's economic, social and political problems
Rusty Ayers


Dick Simpson Dick Simpson takes on Rostenkowski in new 5th Congressional District
Manuel Galvan


Columns Departments
Power shift to GOP, suburbs, blacks and Hispanics
Charles N. Wheeler III
6 Legislative Action
No smoke, no mirrors, no revenue
Michael D. Klemens
The state of the State
Changing the guard at the Illinois Supreme Court
Amyllen L. Bodily
8 Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert
Names 29
State Reports
Anna J. Merritt
The Pulse
Taxpayers on taxes: more complicated than sound bite
Ellen M. Dran
Book Reviews
Lincoln books from finest and newest
Gabor S. Boritt
Rock's retirement
Paul M. Green
State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle

Cover illustration: Pictured is Gary LaPaille, chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois and chief of staff to Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan. Now a candidate for the Illinois Senate, LaPaille is featured in an article by Jay Fitzgerald beginning on page 12. The photograph is by Richard Foertsch/Photoprose and was taken at the state party's office in the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

February 1992/Illinois lssues/5

Published by Sangamon State University/ cosponsored by the University of Illinois

Dear Reader,

For the past seven years, Illinois Issues has published its annual directory of government officials. Illinois Issues' 1992 Roster of Illinois State Government Officials will be published this spring, as usual. It will include up-to-date listings for the General Assembly; for the governor and the other elected executive officials; for the state's executive agencies and education offices; for the Supreme Court, the Statehouse "press" corps and the Illinois delegation to Congress.

For the first time the 1992 Roster will include maps of the new Illinois House and Senate districts, finally approved January 10 by the Illinois Supreme Court for the 1992 elections. Also, for the first time, Illinois Issues is asking its readers to buy their copies of the Roster. Readers repeatedly tell us how valuable they find the Roster, but for the first time the Roster will not be free to subscribers as an "insert" in the magazine. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Money is the issue.

In addition to your own copy, you may order additional copies of the Roster (they are cheaper by the dozen). Or it may be the first time you have ordered one. Details for ordering the 1992 Roster are in the advertisement on page 33 and/or the saddlecard insert in this magazine.



Caroline A. Gherardini

February 1992/Illinois Issues/3

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