Illinois Issues
A publication of the University of Illinois at Springfield
Juluy/August 1999 Volume XXV, Nos. 7 & 8

Chicago's butterfly haven, page 9
Chicago's butterfly haven, page 9
The governor's land trust
The governor's land trust, page 12
Illinois' small public zoos
Illinois' small public zoos, page 17
12 TOO little, too late? by Bill Steinbacher-Kemp
The governor's land trust initiative drew applause.
But some wonder whether-good intentions will be enough.

17 ZOO Stories by Jefferson Robbins A key mission of Illinois' small public zoos is maintaining endangered species.
22 Books by Robert Kuhn McGregor
The well is running dry
We sometimes worry about water here in Illinois.
24 Is it safe to go in? by Stu Jacobson
26 Books by Thomas Simpson
Prairie views
Illinois writers provide a window into our soul.
30 Spotlight by Terry Bibo
Matt Hale
The white separatist has gained the attention of the legal community.
32 Hate is marginal, but it's here by Bill Knight
34 Snapshots by Ann Londrigan, Dan Guillory & Lester Graham
Used to be
3 Conversation with the Publisher
by Ed Wojcicki
4 Editor's Notebook
by Peggy Boyer Long
6 State of the State
by Burney Simpson
So many dollars. So little time

8 Briefly
by Rodd Whelpley
38 People
by Rodd Whelpley
40 Letters
41 A View from the Suburbs
by Madeleine Doubek
How the gambling deal got done
42 Politics
by Charles N. Wheeler III
Pols and campaign finance

Credits: The photograph of prairie flowers on this month's cover and on page 2 7
was taken by Chas. J. Dees at Chain O'Lakes State Park. It comes to us courtesy of the
Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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