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The Illinois State Historical Society Officers

President: Rand Burnette, Jacksonville
President Pro Tem: David Scott, Springfield
Treasurer: John Howard, Mount Vernon


Terms Expire in 2002
Marvin W. Ehlers, Deerfleld
Arthur Mead Martin, Chicago
Craig L. Pfannkuche, Wonder Lake
Shirley J. Portwood, Godfrey

Terms Expire in 2003

Michael C. Batinski, Carbondale
Janet D. Cornelius, Penfield
Mary "Happy" Dean, Peoria
Francis Even, River Forest
Warren D. Winston, Pittsfield

Terms Expire in 2004
Norman C. Berger, Chicago
Timothy Draper, Sugar Grove
Mark Sorensen, Decatur
Patricia J. Walton, Hanover
Park John Week, Sycamore

Tom Teague, Executive Director
William Furry, Assistant Director
Sallie Brittin, Membership Secretary

Advisory Board 2001-2002
Leah J. Axelrod, Highland Park
Dave Bartlett, Park Forest
Herbert S. Channick, Rockford
Stephen Gharry, Oglesby
Charles A. Chapin, Chatham
Alberta Conover, Springfield
Dennis H. Cremin, Naperville
James Davis, Jacksonville
Larry A. Douglas, Belknap
Redd Griffin, Oak Park
Stuart R. Fliege, Springfield
Charlotte E. Johnson, Alton
Gerald Lee Gutek, LaGrange
Russell L. Lewis, Chicago
Barbara Mason, Springfield
Ellsworth Mills, Highland Park
John K. Notz, Chicago
Richard I. Pate, Danville
Kay Marie Rippelmeyer- Tippy, Pomona
Ron Vasile, Downers Grove
Ray Winters, La Grange
Muriel Braxton Wilson, Chicago

Living Past Presidents

Irving Dilliard, Collinsville
Alexander Summers, San Diego, CA
Doris P. Leonard, Princeton
Robert M. Sutton, Urbana
Gunnar Benson, Sterling
Donald F. Tingley, Savoy
Victor Hicken, Macomb
Katie Fiene Birchler, Chester
Samuel Lilly, Downers Grove
David J. Maurer, Charleston
Wilma Lund, Springfield
Patricia Wallace-Christian, Durham, CT
Mark A. Plummer, Normal
John T Trutter, Northfield
E. Duane Libert, Lerna
Raymond E. Hauser, St. Charles
Patricia Grimmer, Carbondale
John Power, Jacksonville
Robert J. Klaus, Chicago Michael J. McNerney, Carbondale Robert McColley, Urbana Barbara M. Posadas, DeKalb

Illinois Heritage
A Publication of The Illinois State Historical Society
November-December 2002 Volume 5 Number 6


4 Letters

4 News

17 History Online


7 Unearthing cemeteries

10 Marking history and community

13 Centennial Awards

18 Olive Foster Award revived


21 Everyone knew it was fireproof

In Brief

26 From the archives

27 New members

On the Cover

"the Shawnee Warrior," sculpture by Tom Allen. Photo by Brian DeNeal. The statue was dedicated October 11, 2002, at the Saline County Conservation Area, Glen O. Jones Lake, in the Shawnee National Forest.

From the Editor

With this issue of Illinois Heritage, Vol. 5, #6, we bring to a close our most successful publication year to date. Our thanks to the many new and old contributors, who have given us greater statewide focus and excellent stories to read; and to our advertisers, who have chosen Illinois Heritage to be part of their marketing strategy. We couldn't ask for better friends.

The November-December Heritage is full of Illinois history, past and present. From deep in the Shawnee Forest, where archaeologists have excavated a rare, surviving 19th century flatboat, to uptown Chicago, where we welcomed 44 new century-old businesses into our Centennial Awards program last month, we're covering as much of the Prairie

State as possible. And we have an inexhaustible supply of stories to tell.

You can be part of the larger story too, by sharing your Illinois Heritage with others. Better still, give your friends a membership in the Illinois State Historical Society so they can receive their own copies. And if you have a suggestion for a story, or just want to comment on what you've read, we'd love to hear from you. Just drop a line to or mail us at ISHS, 210-1/2 South Sixth Street, Suite 200, Springfield, Illinois, 62701. And, as always, thanks for being part of our past and Illinois' future.

William Furry editor

Illinois Heritage 3

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