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March 1990


Vol. XVI No.3
Established 1975

East St. Louis: What can, should state do?
John Racine


Hickrod: scholar turned crusader for equitable school funding
Angie Watson


Franklin County: searching for a better future
Pat Harrison


Teen pregnancies: more than a Chicago problem
Ray Long
Peggy Boyer


Cover illustration: Larry Wilson is shown in front of East St. Louis City Hall. He is the point man for M.R. Beal, the management consultant hired by a governor's task force in its attempt to unravel the financial picture of the city. The photograph is by Eric Williams.


Channel One: Beware of hucksters bearing gifts
Charles N. Wheeler III _______ 8

The state of the State
Roller coaster ride for state funding of education
Michael D. Klemens _________ 10

The Rostrum
Legalized gambling: predatory policy
Jack R. Van Der Slik _______ 30

The Pulse
Chicago's new local school councils: Will the central administration cooperate?
Richard Day _____________ 32

Reynolds and Eisendrath:
What chance against incumbents?
John Camper __________ 34


State Stix
Planes, trains and automobiles . . .
Thomas E. Morris __________ 6

Letters __________________ 11

Legislative Action
The beef with RTA: no service for taxes paid
Angie Watson ___________ 23

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert __________ 25

Names ___________________ 26

Book Reviews
Reviewing Jackson's 1984 campaign: Insight or bias?
Bernard Schoenburg ________ 27

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt __________ 29

March 1990/Illinois Issues/5

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