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3/ Is a state job secure? The administration is a-changin'
/Al Manning

6/ Walker, a lone wolf governor: Comparing him to other Illinois governors
/ Robert P. Howard

8/Walter V. Schaefer: Retiring justice of Illinois Supreme Court
/ Ed Nash

11/Tale of three cities: Comparing the quality of life in Decatur, Peoria and Springfield
/ Daniel M. Johnson, Doh C. Shin and Robert V. Hillman

16/ Economic Disclosure Statements: Sweeping reform meets picayune reality
/ Special Staff Report

18/Pollution complaints: Where to file them and how the state processes them
/ Sue Treiman

17/Who files and what must be disclosed
Economic disclosre statements filed with 57 of 102 county clerks as of April 30, 1976

20/ Talent bank for women
/ Richard H. Shapiro

21/A mystery in our schools: College grades go up, but achievement test scores go down
/ Mark Heyman

30/ Chicago: Can Dr. Stein make the new medical examiner's office work in Cook County?
/ Charles B. Cleveland

31/Washington: What Carter's election is likely to mean to Daley, Thompson and Illinois' senators
/ Tom Littlewood

24/ Position papers detail Thompson stance

25/ Elections: Democrats win clear majority in General Assembly
27/ Executive Report

28/Judicial Rulings: Board of Elections sent back to legislature and governor's removal powers restricted


15/ Selected State Reports
29/ Names
29/ Letters


ART CREDITS/The cover portraits of outgoing Gov. Dan Walker and incoming Gov. James R. Thompson were drawn by Ed Dyson of Springfield, and Justice Walter V. Schaefer's portrait on page 9 was drawn by Dyson, who has opened his own studio in Springfield. He also drew the cartoon illustration on page 17. Spring- field artist William H. Crook, Jr., drew the cityscapes of Decatur, Peoria and Springfield on pages 12, 13 and 14. Graphics designer James Krohe Jr. of Springfield did the graph on page 21.

Articles for Illinois Issues are written by profes sional writers or by experts in various fields of government. Students have also written for the magazine. The editors welcome inquiries from writers. Unsolicited articles should be accom- panied by self-addressed stamped envelope. Con- sideration will be given to all manuscripts, but all articles published in Illinois Issues must present objectively all sides to an issue. Editorial offices are located at 226 Capital Campus, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Ill. 62708.

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published by Sangamon State University. The publisher/editor serves as a faculty member of the university. He is selected by a board whose members are appointed by the presidents of Sangamon State University and the University of Illinois. In addition to subscription income the magazine is supported by a grant from the Ford Foundation, support from the University of Illinois and Sangamon State University, and donations. The contents of the magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of either university, the Ford Foundation or other donors.

Publisher/editor: William L. Day
Managing editor: Caroline Gherardini
Associate editor: J. M. (Mike) Lennon
Contributing editors: Leon S. Cohen
Stephanie Cole
Circulation director: John E. Cockrell
Contributing staff: Kenneth E. Mitchell

The Board
Samuel K. Gove, University of Illinois, Urbana,
Chairman Philip Kendall, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Vice Chairman William W. Allen, Illinois Agricultural Association, Bloomington Richard E. Carver, Mayor, Peoria Robert C. Gibson, Illinois State Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Chicago Mrs. Randall Nelson, Carbondale Odas Nicholson, Lawyer, Chicago James D. Nowlan, University of Illinois, Circle Campus James T. Otis, Lawyer, Chicago Theodore Peterson, University of Illinois, Urbana Honorable Samuel H. Shapiro, Lawyer, Kankakee Chris Vlahoplus, Sangamon State University, Springfield James M. Wall, The Christian Century, Chicago Samuel W. Witwer, Lawyer, Chicago William L. Day, ex officio member

ILLINOIS ISSUES is published monthly (12 times per year).
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2 /January 1977/Illinois Issues

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