Illinois Issues
VOL. III, NO. 4 /April 1977

Table of Contents

3/Agricultural Research: Products expand markets, save energy, increase production and nutrition
/ Carolyn Boiarsky
6/Organ donor cards, stickers available for drivers licenses
/Chris J. Manheim
8/George Ryan: Republican's leader in House
/Mary C. Galligan
9/Bill Redmond: Speaker of the House
/Gary Delsohn
13/Protecting farmlands by use-value assessment: It's new and works in some counties
/ Carol King
14/The right to strike: Should teachers get it or do they have it?
/"No" by Orville B. Bergren and "Yes" by Oscar A. Well
18/Responsibility Education: Life becomes the classroom
/Timothy S. Bramlet
20/ Public aid funding: How Illinois pried open the federal coffers
/First of three installments by Martha Derthick

30/Chicago The death of Chicago's first all-powerful Democratic boss
/ Charles B. Cleveland
31/Washington Clash of transportation interests basis of conflict at Alton locks and dam
/ Tom Littlewood

25/Reorganizing executive agencies

26/Legislative Action: Democrats compromise in Senate
26/Bill Summaries
27/Executive Report: Transmission of juvenile records
27/Voter information
28/Tax information
28/State statistics

7/Book review: Analysis of Chicago school politics smothered by layers of jargon and redundancy
/Richard J. Shereikis

ART CREDITS/Springfield artist Ed Dyson drew the art for the cover illustrating the debate over the right of teachers to strike. Dyson also did the illustrations on page 5 on agricultural research and on page 19 for the fourth "R" of education- responsibility. Mary Fredriksen of Springfield drew the portraits of the House leaders, Democrat William Redmond and Republican George Ryan for their interviews on pages 8-12. She is a graphics artist for the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield.

2/April 1977/ Illinois Issues

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