VOL. III, NO. 12


Requiem for Daley seems really for Howlett. _________ 4
The book gives a fragmented and distorted picture of the mayor's dealings with Jimmy Carter
Book Review by Ralph Whitehead Jr.

Fiscal crisis_________9
When the state's budgetary pie isn't big enough to give a large piece to everyone

Alex R. Seith wants to be a U.S. senator _________ 12
He believes he can beat Percy and offers proposals on state-federal revenue and on foreign affairs
Staff Report

Should judges be elected or appointed?___________ 14
The lingering debate on merit selection
By Frank J. Kopecky

Dr. James Q. Peterson______________________ 18
The Illinois director of public health wants organized local health departments
By Bill Miller

Government support of'the arts' _______________ 21
When the state budget is tight, will the Arts Council still get its share?
By Virginia Lee Owen

State expects $1 billion in federal CETA grants _______________________ 24

THE STATE OF THE STATE______________________________ 2
The shifting sands of the Midwest economy

THE MEDIA By Tom Littlewood _________________________ 33
The Downstate gap in congressional coverage

CHICAGO By Charles B. Cleveland _______________________ 34
The Sanitary District's scandal of scandals

WASHINGTON By Jerry Watson _________________________ 35
Sen. Percy and the Bert Lance affair

LEGISLATIVE ACTION______________________________ 25
Unemployment compensation and Class X compromise



Child abuse/Property tax paradox

STATE STIX ____________ 26

Public aid lacks power in Medicaid fraud/Attorney general is legal officer for EPA and PCB

LETTERS ______________ 29

NAMES_______________ 30
Gov. Shapiro chairs government salaries committee

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Odas Nicholson, Lawyer, Chicago
James D. Nowlan, Assistant to the Governor for Education, Toulon
James T. Otis, Lawyer, Chicago
Theodore Peterson, University of Illinois, Urbana
Honorable Samue H. Shapiro, Lawyer, Kankakee
Chris Vlahoplus, Sangamon State University, Springfield
James M. Wall, The Christian Centurv. Chicago
Samuel W. Witwer, Lawyer, Chicago

December 1977/ Illinois Issues/3

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