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Contents August & September 1988

Illinois Issues
Vol. XIV No. 8 & 9
Established 1975

18     Mike Madigan and the 'party of economic opportunity
Michael D. Klemens

22     Foster care: the quiet crisis
Nina Burleigh

26     Property tax assessments: evaluating the system
Kenneth Oldfield/ Donald Escarraz

29     F.T. 'Mike' Graham's fight for open space
Long Hwa-shu

30     The state of the states in the post-Reagan era
Neal R. Peirce

32     Bob Michael: conservative in philosophy, practical in politics
Charles J. Abbott

35     The Democrats in Atlanta
Paul M. Green

37     Lincoln's home: preserving the private for the public
Edward J. Russo

40     Why organize? Problems in the inner city
Barack Obama

Legislative Action Special Section

This special section was written by Michael Klemens, Illinois Issues Statehouse bureau chief, and Brett D. Johnson, Illinois Issues Statehouse reporter during the spring session.


43     Chicago schools: reform to come but no money


45     Appropriations: Legislature holds the line


46     The tax hike: an 'A' for efford; an 'F' for outcome

47     Welfare reform: progress but no money

48     Sales tax reform: complicated simplification

49     Community mental health services

50     Assuring home values and insuring motorists

51     Saving the Sox

53     A tale of two garbage bills

10     Politics
      Hadicapping the 1988 legislative elections   Charles N. Wheeler III

12     The state of the State
      Revenue: Growth or shrinkage?   Michael Klemens

66     The Pulse
      Drugs and crime: intersecting to become economic issue   Michael McKeon

68     Chicago
      Trying — again — to bring ethics to City Hall   Ed McManus


8     State Stix
      Drought of 1988: Just a blip on a radar screen?   Margaret S. Knoepfle

15     Letters

56     Judicial Rulings   F. Mark Siebert

58     Names

60     Book Reviews
      Probing Papa's psyche   Judith L. Everson

63     State Reports
      Illinois Constitution: convention call in November   Anna J. Merritt

Cover illustration: The photograph of Illinios House Speaker Michael J. Madigan was taken in his law office in Chicago on August 4 during the Illinois Issues interview that begins on page 18. The photograph is by Richard Foertsch/Photoprose.

The four-color covers are made possible by a generous grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

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