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Contents May 1992
Vol. XVIII No. 5
Established 1975

Reallocate funding Chairman Quern to higher ed: Reallocate funding
Michael D. Klemens


Bobby Rush Bobby Rush and Mel Reynolds defeat incumbent congressmen
Manuel Galvan


The Nature 
Conservancy The Nature Conservancy: privatization of policymaking
Beverley Scobell


Illinois River Science and state government since 1851: the case of the Illinois River
Peter Friederici


Columns Departments
Gov. Hick's budget buffaloes city slickers
Charles N. Wheeler III...6
Legislative Action
Budget for children and families
Amyllen L. Bodily...26
The state of the State
Edgar proposes budget to fill $1.5 billion gap
Michael D. Klemens...8
Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert...27
The Pulse
Braun's upset win as Democratic nominee
Nick Panagakis...30
Book Reviews
A cornucopia for Illinois enthusiasts
Robert M. Sutton...29
Hispanic gains in representation
Manuel Galvan...32
State Reports
Anna J. Merritt...31
State Stix
Marearet S. Knoepfle...35

Cover illustration: Pictured is Art Quern, chairman of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Quern is featured in an article by Michael D. Klemens beginning on page 11. The photo is by Richard Foertsch/Photoprose and was taken at the Chicago office of Rollins Burdick Hunter Co. where Quern is chief executive officer.

May 1992/Illinois Issues/5

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