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Contents November 1992
Illinois Issues
Vol. XVIII No. 11 Established 1975
Redistricting '91:the World Series of Illinois politics
Charles N. Wheeler III


Limited role of state political parties in financing Illinois campaigns
Kent D. Redfield


TIF districts: tiff over turf on sales tax growth Diane Oilman Ayers
Christopher Wills


Chicago and jobs
Charles N. Wheeler III______6
State Reports
Anna J. Merrit____________ 9
The state of the State
Chief Justice Miller
on state of the courts
F. Mark Siebert __________ 8
Legislative Action
Donations, stamps sales
earmarked for wildlife habitat

Beverley Scobell _________ 25
The Pulse
For better, for worse: Illinoisans
rate state as place to live
Richard G. Schuldt _______ 30
Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert _________ 26

Names ________________ 27
A bumper crop of Democratic
gubernatorial hopefuls
Manuel Galvan ___________ 34

Book Reviews
On Illinois: cataclysmic,
creative, constitutional
Judith L. Everson ________ 28

State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle____ 32

Cover illustration: The November 3 election will be the first test of Republican-drawn districts for electing all members of the Illinois House and Senate. Charles N. Wheeler III provides the background and analysis on Redistricting '91 in the article beginning on page 10. Cartoonist Mike Thompson provides the cover illustration, reinforcing Wheeler's point: that Republicans have the advantage in this election and throughout the decade.

November 1992/Illinois Issues/5

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