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Illinois Issues
A publication of the University of Illinois at Springfield
January 2000     Volume XX VI, No. 1

The face of vulnerability
The face of vulnerability, page 12
The city as lab
The city as lab, page 28
Willie's escape, page 24
Willie's escape, page 24

12 The face of vulnerability by Anne Keegan
Who's most at risk of going hungry? Losing a job? Beware. It just might be you.
18 Housing the poor by Burney Simpson
Chicago has a new battle plan. But can the city win the war?
21 Paying for mental illness by Scott Koeneman
Health care reformers want to require equal treatment in serious cases.
24 Photo essay: Willie's escape by Fred Zwicky
28 Books: The city as lab by James Krohe Jr.
Revisiting the unheavenly debate over the urban poor.
32 Books: Fallen pols by Robert Davis
Like classic tragic figures, these public officials fell from favor because of personal flaws.

3 Conversation with the Publisher by Ed Wojcicki
4 Editor's Notebook by Peggy Boyer Long
6 State of the State by Burney Simpson
Gov. George Ryan's first year
8 Briefly by Rodd Whelpley
37 People by Rodd Whelpley
40 Letters
41 A View from the Suburbs by Madeleine Doubek
Dennis Hastert's migraine
42 Politics by Charles N. Wheeler III
The politics of tax cuts

Credits: This month's cover was designed by Diana Nelson.

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