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  Keith A. Sculle

Advisory Board, Volume 10:3
  Kay J. Carr
    Southern Illinois University
  Patricia Grimmer
    Carbondale Community High
      School Carbondale Illinois
  Harold Harrison
     Oregon High School
  Robert H. Lombard
    Western Illinois University
  David Maurer (retired)
     Eastern Illinois University
  Michael A. Solliday (retired)
    Southern Illinois University

Introduction ....... 1
   Keith A. Sculle, Editor

Background and Significance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition . . 2-12
   Jeffrey P. Brown
  Curriculum Materials
  Linda J. McMullen

Charting Terrae Incognitae: Lewis and Clark and the Mapping of the West . .13-28
  John Logan Alien
   Curriculum Materials
  Fred Willman

Lewis and Clark in the Illinois Country ...29-38
   Robert E. Hartley
  Curriculum Materials
  Stan Mendenhall

A Geographer Looks at Lewis and Clark's Route and Its Later Impacts . 39 - 61
   William D, Walters Jr.
  Curriculum Materials
  Fred H. Walk

The Lewis and Clark State Historic Site: An Introduction and Invitation . . . 62-63
   Brad Winn with David Blanchette

Bibliography ................. 64

Contributors' Biographies.......... Inside Back Cover

Gravesite memorial to William Clark. Source: Mary C. Hartley

Board of Trustees
 Julie Cellini, Chair
 Pamela A. Daniels
 J. Douglas Donenfeld
 Edward M. Genson
 Laurie Ann Hoffman
 Elizabeth I. Smith
 Roger Taylor

Maynard Crossland

Chief of Constituent Services
Evelyn R. Taylor

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