Illinois Issues
VOL. III, NO. 3 / MARCH 1977

Table of Contents

3/Hammering out a new Illinois law: Capital punishment
/Gary Delsohn
6/President of the University of Illinois: John Corbally
/Bill Miller
9/Science fiction becomes fact: Bell Labs
/Dennis B. Fradin
12/Creation of statewide authority hits snag after snag after snag: State Board of Elections
/Al Manning
14/Board is fulfilling its mandate; accusations of partisanship are grossly overstated
/Ronald D. Michaelson
15/Major revamping of statutes needed to give board independence from politics
/Charles R. Bernardini
18/No longer in existence after January 1979: Personal property tax
/Charles Minert
22/Equal Rights Amendment: Will the 80th General Assembly ratify it?
/Sue Dinges
24/St. Louis Metro Airport: Will it really be in Illinois and when?
/Craig Sanders

30/Chicago Daley not unique in city's history; 'Big Bill' and Cermak dominant bosses
/Charles B. Cleveland
3l/Washington Mikva loses bid: Big city regular Democrats dominate House leadership
/Tom Littlewood

25/Thompson names agency directors

26/Legislative Action: Democrats deadlock in Senate
27/Bill Summaries: Profiled bills in 80th General Assembly, Approved by governor from 79th General Assembly, Veto overrides by 79th General Assembly
28/Executive Report Natural gas shortage: 1977 is just the beginning
28/Judicial Rulings Discriminatory rezoning decision

8/Selected State Reports
21/The Other 49
27/Where are they?

ART CREDITS/Ed Dyson, Springfield commercial artist, designed this month's cover and illustrations throughout the magazine.

Articles for Illinois Issues are written by professional writers or by experts in various fields of government. Students have also written for the magazine. The editors welcome inquiries from writers. Unsolicited articles should be accompanied by self-addressed stamped envelope. Consideration will be given to all manuscripts, but all articles published in Illinois Issues must present objectively all sides to an issue. Editorial offices are located at 226 Capital Campus, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Ill. 62708.

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