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Contents April 1992
Vol. XVIII No. 4
Established 1975

Term limits

Term limits for state legislators: Reform of '90s counters previous reforms
David H. Everson


Lobbying for the

Lobbying for the ACLU: defense often best offense
Amyllen Bodily


Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: 1,743% increase in spending Anthony Man


Wet v Dry Issues

Evanston revisits wet v dry issues at edge of big 'bad' Chicago
David K. Fremon




March 17 primary winners and losers
Charles N. Wheeler III...6


Legislative Action
School funding equity without more taxes?
Michael D. Klemens...25

The state of the State
Election results: Good-bye status quo
Amyllen Bodily and Michael D. Klemens...8

Judicial Rulings
F. Mark Siebert...27


The Pulse
Disparaging remarks for legislature from poll
Ellen M. Dran...30

State Stix
Margaret S. Knoepfle...28

Book Reviews
Police, politics and corruption in Chicago
Bob McClory...29

Chicago's Lake Calumet airport: clout v clout
Paul M. Green...32

State Reports
Anna J. Merritt...34

Cover illustration: The political cartoon is by Mike Thompson. It illustrates David H. Everson's article on term limits for state legislatures (and the effect of redistricting in the March primary elections for the Illinois General Assembly) beginning on page 12.

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