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February 1997
Chicago: A global city?
Chicago: A global city?page 12

Small towns fight just to survive
Small towns fight just to survive, page 22

Volume XXIII, No.2
Civil rights in Cairo
Civil rights in Cairo, page 28


12 World Class by James Krohe Jr.
Chicago is among the great cities of the globe.
But can it be a global city?

22 Staying alive . by Karin Admiraal
The state's small towns have lost population.
Survival will depend on adaptation, but there are trade-offs.

26 A defense by Mark Brown
The property tax is the tax we love to hate.
No other tax produces as many tangible services. Yet nobody
has anything good to say about it.

28 A photonarrative review by Gary Hart
A collection of civil rights photographs taken in Cairo between
1967 and 1973 has been publislied by Southern Illinois University.

32 Money talks by Gayle Worland
Soft money. Bundling. Directed donations. Reformers sift through


3 A Conversation With
Our Readers

by Ed Wojcicki

4 Editor's Notebook
by Peggy Boyer Long

6 State of the State
by Jennifer Davis

Meet the new General Assembly

8 Briefly
by Donald Sevener

36 People
by Jennifer Davis

40 Letters

41 A View From Chicago
by James Ylisela Jr.

Local governments lose

42 Politics
by Charles N. Wheeler III

The state according to Edgar

Credits: This month's cover was designed and produced by design assistant Daisy Juarez.

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